Friday, July 9, 2010

Facebook has changed the World

So, I have to laugh. In a desperate attempt to keep up with the world that had so dramatically changed without me being there, I created this blog fresh off the mish thinking that I had to in order to keep up with the times. I laugh because it's almost been a year since then and I have not even once got on this thing to update such a "necessary" piece of my life. Does anyone remember what it was like before Facebook, YouTube and all this other social networking crap? It used to be that if you wanted to know what someone was doing, you would have to write 'em a letter or call them. But now I know the exact burping schedule of my friend's baby due to the newsfeed section of facebook.

Sometimes your so well updated on a person that you feel a part of their life even though you haven't talked to them for years. Something like this just happened yesterday actually while I was waiting in Denver to catch a flight to Oklahoma. I was catching up with a good friend on the phone when we had this conversation.
Me: "How was your 4th?"
Her: "Oh, so you don't know this but I did (blah blah blah). Cool, huh?"
Me: "Wow, I had no idea!"

But funny enough, I did have an idea. Due to the fact that she had posted her 4th of July activities on Facebook, I not only knew where she watched fireworks, but also I knew all the faces and names of who she was with. And either to be polite or maybe to just avoid sounding creepy, I went along ad listened as she proceeded to tell me everything I had already read on Facebook the day before.
Well as I descend from my soapbox, I just want to add one more thing. If you haven't watched the movie "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis, you should. Although I laugh and don't believe we'll ever get to that point, it does make you wonder what things we have grown dependent on. I thought my roommate was crazy when he told me that he was going to "disconnect himself from the matrix" by not getting on facebook anymore.

Well, that's it. Now that I can get on this thing from my Itouch, I'll probably find it "necessary" to get on this more often. Not.

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  1. Dan the man! You finally blogged! What a happy day! I think you should blog more often because I feel like you have dropped off the face of this planet. I don't know what is going on with you any more! Your blog made me laugh! I was peer pressured into facebook (I used to say I would NEVER have one, now look at me). You were peer pressured into a blog. I am still waiting for it to take over your life. Peace.

  2. Heather...your comment cracks me up. Daniel, don't let Heather peer pressure you into letting your Blog take over your life. Also, I'm thoroughly offended that my name is no longer mentioned in your movie synopsis. ;)
    Love ya,