Monday, August 17, 2009

So normal it's weird

So, I always thought it would be weird coming home. But, surprisingly, it's so normal it's weird. Like waking up from on dream into another. Another dream with a lot less rules.

It's been nice being so busy since being home. I've had,
  1. Two Wedding Receptions
  2. One Funeral
  3. One Farewell
  4. Two Homecomings
  5. Two Dates
  6. One Bad Headache

I think it's funny the kind of opinions that are made toward recently-returned missionaries. As if they already know exactly how you are going to react to things or that they already know you're weird and so on and so forth. It almost makes me want to go streaking down the sacrament aisles just to disprove their point. Hmmm....actually, in their minds it WOULD prove that I was weird. Dang it, you just can't win with these people.


  1. Haha...Daniel, I LOVE you! I'm excited to see more posts =)

  2. that list looks like a hugh grant film